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Sterling Silver Care

Sterling Silver will tarnish or dull over time (as with most precious metals including platinum and gold), but don’t worry, it’s easily brought back to life.

Sterling Silver has a 'fineness' of 925 (92.5% pure silver - 7.5% other metal – these days generally copper) and should carry a ‘925’ fineness stamp. Pure silver on it's own is very soft - copper is alloyed to pure silver to make it hard enough for use and for casting. It’s the copper content that is mostly responsible for the tarnishing.

Because 925 Sterling Silver is a solid metal alloy (and there is no plating or special finish to wear away), it can simply be cleaned, buffed and polished when it becomes tarnished.

Things like salt and sulphurs in the air/environment, body chemicals and contact with cosmetics and detergents will encourage tarnishing – so it’s important to clean and polish your silver.

The best method to look after your sterling silver day to day is to actually wear it as much as possible and to wipe it clean with a silver polishing cloth after you take it off. Make sure you put your jewellery on last - after makeup and cosmetics.

Store your pieces separate from one another, preferably wrapped in a soft cloth. If you leave it alone for a while, you may need to use a liquid silver polish to restore it to it’s natural shine. There are many reputable sterling silver cleaning and polishing products on the market that will do a great job of restoring your silver jewellery.

Sterling silver is also anti-allergenic - making it perfect for for everyday and for life.

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